The Human

General Information;

One of the most prolific species in all the Realms, humans are a relatively weak bipedal species ranged across the board in ability, affinity and specialty. Gifted with a spectrum of vocational aptitudes, humans may delve into magic, swordsmanship, blacksmithery, become dragonriders, thieves, or anything else they wish to do, should they have the capability.


Name:: Humans

Average Lifespan:: 200 years

Average Height:: 5'10

Average Weight:: 150 pounds.

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Human aging;; Humans age a bit differently in Felnova than they do on Earth; as detailed on the Notes page, our human species age far slower. Their lifespans have nearly doubled, and they retain youth long after Earth humans will. In other Realms, it is much the same. Evylon's humans age a little quicker, Millirand's slightly slower. The other Realms where humans are found age the same as Felnova.


Species info credited to Twist and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;;Humans are one of the most common races in a few of the Realms; Felnova, to name one. Classic four-limbed bipeds, their skin tones can vary, and due to the undercurrent of magic in the Realms, their hair and eye colors can differ from "normal" shades. Adult humans are normally five to six feet in height, with the males generally taller and stronger than the females - however, there are some very blatant exceptions.

Tactics;; Humans on the whole vary incredibly between good and evil; their personalities vary wildly from shy and innocent to sadistic and murderous. There is an immense range of possible personalities. Despite the fact that no pure human has talons nor fangs nor wings or such, a general feature is resilience and stubbbornness to hold on to life as they choose despite physical disadvantages to other races.

Abilities;; Perhaps the strangest of races, humankind does not possess any special talents, such as being able to breathe underwater or fly through the skies. On the whole, their stamina, strength, and speed is low compared to other races, and only a few have magical abilities. However, the warriors of this race can specialize in almost any weapon, and the mages can cast powerful magics, with training, with their element of choice (though not many can use more than a single element).

This race has varied skills; some are blacksmiths, others are healers, still others are merely commonfolk. In battle, humans have limited physical abilities, and are so overlooked, but their determination to live despite obvious physical disadvantages sets them apart. Many Riders and Anima-possessors are, in fact, human - an indication that this race is not as inferior as they seem.


Icemarkian Human-
Classification: arctic human. Location: very specifically in and around the city-state of Icemark.

In the far North, near the Isles of Exile above Vystriana, there resides a race of humans unlike most others. Light-haired, generally blonde, with eyes colored like ice and snow, these folk are accustomed to the cold conditions of the north. Their warriors are thickly muscled and broad-shouldered, very tall, and quite physically strong. The women are as tall and imposing as the men, and most wear their hair tightly braided or in buns; shieldmaiden are common, and all are taught to fight. Most Icemarkians are highly resistant to the cold and can overheat in high temperatures, wearing very little in arid climates. Their garb usually consists of thick-furred pelts and leather armor, rarely plate armor, as they tend to overheat if burdened with too much clothing.