The Chimera

General Information;

Strange, leonine beasts with the features of a snake, goat, and rarely dragons. They are gifted with highly toxic venom and rare magic, are very large, and fearsome to behold. Many live in prides, though those solitary may fall to insanity due to the lack of social interaction.


Name:: Chimera

Average Lifespan:: 500 years

Average Height:: 5 feet at the shoulder.

Average Weight:: N/A; varies on individual.

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; Once mutants spawned from magically-tainted breeding, the chimera is a variable breed of lion-cousins feared for their horrific countenances. Chimera differ greatly between genders, in both size and features, much like the greater sphinx.

Male:: Large and powerful, the male chimera appears to be a mixture of lion, snake, goat, and sometimes dragon. They are great lions with serpent tails, with a second head of a goat either alongside the lion, or up upon its back. The lion's mane is full and extends down the back, sometimes accenting the head of the goat. Rarely, chimera will be born with the so-called 'dragon gene', that allows for a draconic third head, and large, flightworthy wings. Males will often be more brightly colored than females, and their snake tails can have hoods or branch, unlike the smaller females. Some larger males will have horns of varying styles, perhaps a remnant of the dragon gene, sprouting in multiple places.

Female:: A smaller, and more plain, chimera, females do not have wings. The 'dragon gene' is less commonly manifested in many females, though scales are a more common mutation than males' horns. Females do not have a mane, and rarely have non-natural colors. They are more delicately built, and often have varying feline facial features, instead of a plain lioness.

Tactics;;Chimera generally live in small prides, led by a strong male who presides over a group of younger males and females, who he retains breeding rights to. Most often, they'll be found in grassland areas or mountainous peaks, though they may lurk in caves alone, away from most prides. Solitary chimera are often depressed and angry creatures, lacking the companionship that a pride may give. Most chimera attacks reported are from lonely individuals who go mad with months and years of little to no contact with their fellow chimera.

Their cubs will often be born with multiple personalities from each of the three (or four) heads - the personality of the lion, the goat, the snake, and if they have the dragon gene, the draconic, fourth head. As they age, one personality overtakes the others, and forces them out. Once a chimera reaches adolescence, the other personalities will have either been destroyed, or driven into dormancy. Very rarely, a chimera may grow with all personalities intact, switching between them randomly and chaotically.

Abilities;; Chimera have little propensity for magic and the elements, though they are highly resistant to it, like a roc'a or terravyrn. They have highly toxic venom in their snake tails, as well as the fangs of the lion (and rarely dragon), though what this venom does and how it works varies on the individual. Older chimera have stronger control over their venom, where younger individuals may inject too much.


Classification: more draconic chimera. Location: primarily Xaeri.

The manticore is a monstrous chimera lacking the traits and features of both goat and snake, instead having a scorpion's tail and large, leathery wings. By some mutation, a rare few manticores may exhibit human-like facial features, and rarer still multiple rows of shark-like teeth. Manticores, unlike their chimera brethren, will often take a solitary life, coming together only to breed. They are also more magically adept, and keen in the elements of fire and earth.

Classification: human-faced deer. Location: nomadic; however originate from Evylon.

demonic chimera. Location: primarily Kurai.

A Kurai-based, demonic chimera, the nue is an experimental creature first spawned by infusing traditionally-bred chimera with the souls of dark creatures, such as shadowbeasts and lesser demons. They often appear with a tiger's stripes and build, the face of a long-fanged primate, the tail of a serpent, and a leonine mane. Colors vary wildly between individuals, as well as mutations spawned from the type of soul their ancestors were fused with. They are sleek and silent creatures, best suited to the underground caves and deep places of the Demon Realm, where they attack and kill unsuspecting creatures and travelers. Though most are not magically attuned, when one is born, they are very likely to have a grasp of either the element of shadow, or blood magic.