History of the Elder Drow

"Thousands of years ago, Elves with dark hair and light eyes weren't uncommon in Heartwoodian society; they mixed with the golden- and light-haired ones like brothers. There was a king then, strong and proud, but he was growing slow with age. They say his mind was taking leave of him as well.

"He had two sons, both as proud as their father. The elder was made to be king after him - the other was a half-sibling to the heir, dark haired like his mother had been. His name was Agarwath." He closed his eyes, recalling the legend easily. "Both brothers had been like friends when the king was still able to lead. After a while, Agarwath got jealous of his sibling - dark ambition drove him to rash decisions. He killed Syleev, his brother.

"The Elves were stricken; the king passed away not a day later, in mourning. So they turned on Agarwath, drove him away. His family on his mother's side revolted, saying that he was framed. They, too, were driven out.

"After a while, suspicion built against all dark-haired ones. More and more violence broke out over it, families declared blood feuds - the next king, Arnus' great-great-great grandfather, banished them. All of them."

Saudi looked thoughtfully at the ground, sweeping his wings through the air twice before alighting. He shook the dew from his scales after Caele dismounted, then sat back on his haunches. His rider continued. "We fled into caves and the underground in attempt to escape, but were hunted ruthlessly. Finally, Agarwath opened a portal into Felnova - there were little under two-hundred Dark Elves left at that point. We fled into the new Realm with swords at our backs..."

The Gold waited, extending a wing so Caele could lean into its curve. The boy sighed, crossing his arms. "Agarwath was killed," he said quietly, "Halatir - Arnus' ancestor - stabbed him as he protected the last straggler. Agarwath wasn't evil," Caele said suddenly. "I don't think he was, anyway. He repented for his actions and saved our people."

- Caele Agarwath

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