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By Tooth and Claw Dragons

- bloodreign

"...for in the beginning was a void, and so it shall end..."

A Realm of demons, one of dragons, of the elvenkin and the stars. Another lifeless, filled with shadows, and still more engulfed in light. An endless void, to where all are trapped and bound. A place of rest, of peace, of prosperity. A world of white and gold.

Hard-won peace now reigns over the Realms; Chamenos has fallen to his own ambitions of victory, and the guardians protecting their Markers have prevailed over all. With the Void held in check and the Silver Throne empty once again, the allied armies aligned against them return to their homes. The legendary alliance called by the Vystrian queen has been praised as the thing that saved Felnova from destruction; that diverted the armies of demonkin away from the Markers and all that they protect.

A year has passed since the Second Demon War ended. The taint of war is gone on the air, and all revel in the calm. But stirrings of new trouble arise, secret in the North; an ancient power is due to awaken, called upon by a hybrid-beast rumored to be the first and last of his kind. Soon, Vystriana will have to rally again. The forces of darkness descend upon us all...

By Tooth And Claw Dragons is a very well established role-play site located on Invisionfree, founded on Neopets on March 24th 2003. We've traveled off of Neo to Aimoo, Gaia, Subeta and now have settled with IF! We focus on suspenseful role-play set in original fantasy, gripping plots and much, much more. Click on the Info button to the left, and begin exploring the Realms today~

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Coding, Layout & Character(/god) (c) Blazeh
Artwork (c) KGMomo
Content (c) BTACD.

Steal and be tortured by Nwalka ~

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