The Weredragon

General Information;

Powerful creatures with the ability to shift between humanoid and draconic forms. In their humanoid form, they are creatures of great physical beauty and prowess, while their dragon forms grant them greatly enhanced physical abilities. While they are fully capable of breeding, they can also transfer their ability to transform via a nasty bite.


Name:: Weredragon

Average Lifespan:: 4,000 years

Average Height:: 7 feet(12 feet in dragon form).

Average Weight:: 250 pounds (1,000 pounds in dragon form).

Location Found:: Khankirae, on Felnova.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Rage: Some weredragons suffer from sporadic bouts of rage, whereupon they become aggressively defensive, and prone to violence over the smallest of offenses, lashing out at even close friends without hesitation. The adrenaline running through their bodies grants them greater strength and a spike in pain tolerance, but they lose all reason until it fades.

Lunar cycles: As the moon waxes and wanes, so too do the tell-tale signs of a weredragon's draconic nature. talons grow, teeth become fangs, and sometimes other traits appear, such as tails and horns, and rarely wings. Under the light of a full moon, they feel a powerful compulsion to shift to their dragon forms. Those prone to rages more commonly suffer them under the moonlight.

Pure metal poison: Pure metals are toxic to weredragons. The greater the rarity of the metal in question, the more toxic. Pure iron or copper would be merely irritating, while pure gold or platinum would be potentially lethal if it entered their bloodstream. Blades made of rare pure metals can slice through their skin, hide, and scales like a hot knife through butter.


Species info credited to Axel and Fyfergrund.

In-Depth Information;

Humanoid: Tall, imposing, and gifted with grace and beauty, weredragons look almost completely human. However, their nails are talon-like, and their ears resemble those of elves. Their faces generally have well-defined bone structures, and they are often clean-shaven. Their eyes can be any color, and often reflect light in the shadows, like a canine or feline. They are often muscular and athletic in build, while remaining graceful.

Dragon: In their dragon form, weredragons are bipedal, strongly resembling western dragons, larger and more massive than their human forms, and retain their hands, although their talons grow longer and sharper, on both hands and feet. However, despite their draconic ancestry, their scales and hides lack the same splendor of full dragons, and they tend to lack the same style of natural adornment, although a few will have splendid natural coloring. Their wings are also smaller compared to their bodies than those of true dragons, leaving weredragons unable to achieve true flight, although most can glide quite well. Very rarely, one will be born who can use its wings for actual flight.

Tactics;; Most weredragons can be found on Khankirae, where they keep to themselves as a species. Typically peaceful, they prefer to remain aloof from the affairs of the world. But, if provoked, they make fearsome foes, wielding weapons, magic, and their dragons forms to deadly effect.

Despite their draconic ancestry, they are not immortal, and while they live long lives, the knowledge that their lives will one day end weighs heavily on their minds. While they remain hale and hearty for most of their lives, when age starts to take its toll, it generally happens suddenly and harshly. This fact leads most weredragons to pursue rather hedonistic lifestyles, while a fair number seek true immortality.

Since they tend to lack the same amount of exotic coloring and physical adornments as full dragons, those born with more flashy appearances are highly regarded among them. But all of them will tend to wear extravagant clothing and jewelry, although any metal they adorn themselves with will be an alloy.

Abilities;; In their human forms, they possess great strength, agility, and speed, making them deadly combatants, and their magical abilities are very potent, and can be as diverse as their draconic cousins. Their dragon forms grant them even greater strength and durability, and they can still wield weapons in their taloned hands.

Their bites are particularly nasty, as their saliva carries the same bacteria which grants them their ability to transform. Anyone bitten by them runs the risk of falling victim to the same condition.